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We’ve been matched!

Last week the agency sent us over a file of information a woman submitted to them in August. After we reviewed her psychological eval, application and super cute photos we called the agency back and said YES YES! The agency then sent our information to this woman and her husband and they said YES YES!!

Nothing is for certain; there have been no signatures in blood or magical everlasting covenants.

Brett and I will go out to Madison Wisconsin in early December to do our psychological evaluations then meet her and her husband the next day. Unless of course the psych eval reveals my secret: I am really a 3000 yr old dragon. But I feel like that’s easy enough to work around. When they ask how I cope with stress I will NOT say, by eating peasants.

This is super big-time exciting news! This is a MAJOR hurdle accomplished.

To honor her privacy I am not going to write too much about her, I can say she is a mother, willing to carry twins if that happens, she has a super cute family and she is darling! When I saw her face in a photo for the first time I felt tingly heart warms in my chest. It was odd, but I felt like I was looking at a photo of a friend. She seemed so familiar. She wants to be a surrogate for all the right reasons and get this, she really wanted to carry for someone who could not due to medical reasons! Hey, that’s me!

From here, like I said earlier, we will go to Wisconsin (where our agency is) and do our psych eval then meet her. After that I am not super sure the order of things. I know we have to get us and her legal representation, there are enormous piles of money to be moved around, she has to start the medical screening process and then sometime we’ll do the transfer which will happen in Chicago, after we genetically test all our embryos.

We are in the process of trying to decide if we will implant one or two embryos. The math and science side of things say we will have a better chance of at least one baby if we implant two embryos. The woo-woo side of things, well my heart to be exact, says if we implant two embryos we’ll get two babies. Even when we thought I could carry I had this feeling two embryos would result in two babies. This notion of twins terrifies Brett and I. But we think back to our initial conversation about kids and at first we wanted two. So, if we get two yes it’s scary but c’mon. Do you know me? Do you know how ready I am for motherhood? A double dose I feel could be awesome, would be awesome! Here’s the best part of two if it happens; I won’t have anything to compare it to, nor will I have time to really contemplate as I’ll be super busy with two little babes! Intimidating? Yes. Impossible? No. So it’s pretty likely we will implant two embryos, unless there is some medical reason not to.

I have some nerves about meeting our surrogate. What does one say to the stranger who’s going to do the most intimate favor of all time? Every time I think about meeting her I get blurry wet eyes. I don’t want to be the weirdo who just blubbers. I know when it happens it’ll just happen, but the anticipation is crazy weird. This whole process is crazy weird. I can’t decide if I’m glad or sad she lives so far away. It’d be fun to go and make her family dinner every so often, but then would I be like, “Uh, are these grapes organic? Did you know this hand lotion has BPA in it?” I’d likely be super annoying. It’s a good thing she’s far. That way when I see her for appointments and what not we can just focus on our relationship and not sweat the smalls (except the small(s) in her belly SqUeeeeeeee!!)

I’m a little sad that we don’t have an opportunity for her to come to Utah and see our super rad state. As it stands right now she will do all her prenatal care and birthing in the town she lives in, which is not in Utah.

It’s been a hell of a year for us; losing Birdie, my sweet Grandpa and very recently our kitty Rabbit, so much loss in a short amount of time, I feel a bit like a wrung out washcloth. The good news is there’s lots of good news! We have a new nephew in Kentucky as of a few days ago! We have lot’s of fun family time scheduled around the holidays, and we have a match!! We are one step closer to our own little bundle!

Speaking of new family members, Watson our new little rescue terrier mutt is really amazing. We took him to a dinner party with our friends recently where he was carried, dropped, fawned over and bossed around by a pack of kids and he did awesome! There may be some little Legos in his poop but ZERO bad behavior. Watson for the win!! Also if you like fuzzy terrier pics Watson has his own instagram account @watsonraerocket

My readers (both of you) should know that I am planning my next blog around frequently asked questions about this process. I’ve been getting a few and I’d like to just get them out there, so if you have questions don’t be shy and just ask! The only thing I will not discuss is personal details about our potential surrogate. Everything else is fair game!

Photo: Brett and our super cute niece a few years ago having story time during a Kentucky Christmas visit. Talk about a good match!