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Dear Kid,

Thought I’d tell you a little bit about your dad. I know sometimes he might seem strict not letting you bungee jump off abandoned buildings and all, but really he’s just watching out for your safety and underneath it all, he’s a really rad dude.

When I met your dad he had this crazy long hair, wore Birkenstocks sandals year round and lived for outdoor climbing and hockey while working toward his PhD in bioengineering.

I liked him a lot as soon as I met him, most people do. He’s very friendly and welcoming to everyone, you’ll find some people are just like that. He was my best friends boyfriends roommate and I thought he would fit right in with our friend circle. One ski trip led to a crazy winter solstice party and we decided we should be more than friends.

It’s been really fun to get to know your dad and watch him grow and evolve over the years.

Your dad grew up in Kentucky eating corn and broccoli from his grandma’s garden and catching snapping turtles with his dad and brother. His parents (Pappy and Grammie) are very high caliber people and raised your dad to love the outdoors, enjoy good whole food, be respectful and to use and cherish his incredible brain.

That brain of his is really quite amazing. One thing (among so many) your dad is really good at is explaining things, he loves teaching people things and can take the most complicated subject and explain it in a way anyone can understand. Recently he was explaining the measurement gravity in the universe as the change in distance of one ten thousandth the width of a proton and the crazy laser tunnels in Washington and Louisiana that are trying to do that. He gets so excited talking about science! As I ate my Thai food and listened to him I got excited about watching him explain things to you. (I hope you get your dad’s science brain!)

He’s a scientist but he’s also an athlete. Your dad started playing hockey when he was 5 and has never stopped. It’s really in his genes to be athletic; your Pappy Lewis is responsible for that gene as he’s an athlete too, he’s run the Kentucky Derby mini-marathon every year since the early 70’s! Maybe one day you can all run a race together!

Your dad picked up skiing when he moved to Utah in 2004 and although I’ve been skiing since I was 9yrs old your dad quickly passed me in ability even though he’d only been skiing 4 years when I met him!

With his big brain and incredible athletic ability (not to mention his dashing good looks) your dad could be one of those guys with a really big ego, but he’s not. Never ever have I seen your father hold himself superior over another human. When hiking with his super slow wife he never gets agitated about his workout but calmly chats away like we’re holding the perfect speed.

Your dad and I are very much opposites that blend together to make a nice harmony. Where I am reactive, loud and emotional your dad is steady, calm and logical. Sometimes I wonder if his great great great grandfather was Vulcan! In any situation presented to him, he’s always very deliberate in his response. This aspect of your dad has really affected me and changed the way I react to the world, he’s taught me to be more logical (Vulcan!) and that’s a very good thing.

Your dad is not all logic and math though, he can laugh and have fun as easily as he can explain quantum mechanics. He’s got wicked dance moves, can sing and play guitar (that’s really what sealed the deal for me on our first date) and can even play classical trumpet! Oh and the puns! Your dad is THE BEST punster of all time! He jokes that making puns is an incurable disease he has, but really he’s so smart and funny he just can’t help tripping over all the puns!

He held my hand through chemo and did not flinch when he had to do gross stuff like empty drains after surgery or really hard stuff like break up tissue in my arm that was so painful I’d cry. During the hardest things we’ve been through together he’s always kept a positive steady attitude.

When you go through hard times we’ll both be there for you no matter what obstacle life presents to you. I’ll be there ready to poke someone in the eye for hurting you and your dad will be there to steady us all!

He’s a keeper, your dad, and I feel wonderful knowing you will hold all men and maybe all humans to his example as it’s a REALLY good one.