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This morning I spent some time on the phone with ReproTech LTD, the company that is going to move our embryos from Utah to Illinois. After finally sorting out the paperwork between the Utah clinic, the Illinois clinic and ReproTech I happily paid them $1230 for the transport of our little babycicles which includes all the insurance and safety features I could get.

This is such a weird process. The only insurance available is for another IVF cycle and the only added safety feature is to transport our embryos in two tanks, in the event one tank malfunctions. I will be notified via email when ReproTech contacts the Utah clinic (because I pestered and the ReproTech people are very nice) then again when the embryos reach the ReproTech storage facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. When they go to Chicago, I’ll be notified when they get there. No tracking number, no realtime updates. So basically my priceless human tissue, although in two fancy containers, has less traceability than my Amazon order of squeeky plush no-stuff dog toy, size large. Don’t worry about it.

*play track: birds chirping in forest glen*

This process has given me some wonderful opportunities to practice letting go. Yesterday as I was walking Dog Watson on the Shoreline trail I wondered about the process for ensuring the embryos that are being shipped are actually ours. I thought of the “This American Life” episode we’d be on telling Ira the story of how we went through the surrogacy process to have someone else’s baby due to a clerical error. I mean, how identifiable can 7-10 cells be? Lucky for me I have all these wonderful coping tools I’ve learned over the years and when I think about these things I can take deep breaths, visualize everyone doing everything right on every level surrounded by white light, trusting the medical community and understanding it is out of my hands.

And when all else fails my zombie green bite guard is with me every night as I subconsciously clench my teeth in worry. *sigh*

Really, that’s all I can do aside from filling out the forms correctly, keeping meticulous records and paying everyone promptly.

Other than that things are going along swimmingly. Dog Watson is adjusting to his new home quite well. He’s super smart and active which in turn makes me active, win win. Lord Rabbit, Gentleman Cat is still ticking along with his kidney failure, arthritis and hyperthyroidism. He’s not amused with Watson at all but they keep polite distance, mostly.

We are currently looking forward to the holidays, I’ve arranged to take time off work to spend with my sister-in-law who is going to be having her second child around the New Year. Watson and I will have a good time playing with my niece, snuggling the new babe and helping her around the house. I absolutely LOVE that I am able to do this for her, she is my heart sister and I can’t wait!!

There’s going to be A LOT of babies popping out this holiday season. My other sister-in-law will be having her first baby around Thanksgiving and our good friends will be having their 3rd also around New Years.┬áBabies all around!!

Send good vibes, prayers, white light and maybe play some Native American flute music with bird sounds to the good travels of our embryos as it will be happening… sometime soon.