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I’ve never been more excited to get tested for STD’s than I am today! This marks the first actual action on the road to surrogacy. We’ve talked a lot, filled out forms and the like but today we actually DO something! We’re getting STD tested today for two reasons.


  1. It was not done when we created our embryos. We were working under the impression that our embryos would go into ME so what do I care if we have some cooties? However since our babycicles are NOT going into me we need to make sure they are cootie free.
  2. The transport company requires it in case the cryotank explodes and gets embryo in our courier’s eye? I get it, I guess.


It’s probably a good idea we get it done, Brett and I have not been tested for many years and when I think of all those swinger parties we’ve NOT gone to I can see the need. No, I’m not being cheeky (well any more cheeky than normal) I can see the reason for it. If I was a saintly woman ready to carry someone’s baby I’d like to know I was not going to get syphilis or the clap. It’s only fair.


So that’s the update. Not very glamourous or exciting but progress all the same.


We’ve still not heard from the agency regarding a match, but we’re not in a hurry. We really have not even figured out where we’re going to put this human creature in our little house. We keep finding comfort in the fact that SO MANY millions of parents have raised children with so much LESS space than we have. No, we won’t have a nursery or changing table (it’ll likely be a kitchen table?) but we’ll have each other, a roof over our heads and a nice yard. Hell, when I was born my parents and older sister were living in a trailer and I know we have more room than that, I think.


The agency has certainly heard from me though. Being a pediatric nurse at the only children’s hospital in 4 states we see some really sad stories come through the door. After a day full of sadfest I got twitchy about twins.


Our goal is not twins, twins are actually quite terrifying to us at this point, but we’d love them all the same. Thing is there is this phenomenon called twin to twin syndrome where during birth the first twin out of the chute gets all the nice oxygenated blood and the second twin born has an anoxic event causing lifelong disability. These issues can be (mostly) stopped by scheduling a c-section birth. So I, in my infinite wisdom, had a panic attack about the twins we don’t have and asked if we could add as a search criteria that if we do have twins that she schedule a c-section. The agency reminded me that birth is out of my control as it’s not my body.


I nearly puked when I read the email explaining how a woman chooses to have my baby is her decision and I have zero say in the matter. They also offered that scheduled c-sections were not common as it was a more difficult recovery for the mother.


But what about the quality of life for the child? Yay the first of what I’m sure will be many uneasy and unanswerable questions regarding this process. *barf*


Hopefully I made my point without sounding too crazy pants and hopefully we will be able to talk this through with our surrogate. If I were any other human being, even any other nurse that works ANYWHERE else I’d likely not even think about this. But my aunts were/are disabled twins (likely due to an anoxic event at birth) and I’ve spent the last 22 years working with SO MANY twin to twin syndrome kids in my career. I get anxious. Ok beyond anxious and straight to nail biting, no sleeping, scared to death! There is really a talent in my family for worrying about things that may not even happen and I’ve taken home the trophy many times!


More meditation, more deep breaths, more walks and more nice long talks with friends and family! I’m just going to channel Elsa and, let it gooooo!


Our little baby dog Birdie goes back to the vet today to see how well the subcutaneous fluids, meds and special diet are doing. She’s perked up over these past two weeks since she was diagnosed with kidney disease. Today we’ll know more about her prognosis and how long we’ll have her. She’s such a little lover sweetface! Yesterday was “Dog Day” and I did not even have it in me to talk about how much joy and love that little creature has brought to our lives. I love her so much! Rabbit is still doing great too, he’s meowy and regal as ever. He gets subQ fluids every other day so we are currently an all-you-can-soak-up buffet for maintenance fluids. If anyone out there is feeling dehydrated come on over, I’ll poke you between the shoulder blades and give you a nice fluid filled camel hump for you to absorb as you see fit! So fun at parties!  


So that’s the news, STD testing, twin worrying and pet cares!