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Timeline Summary

September something 2016: Transfer 3 fails


June something 2016: Transfer 2 fails


April 14th news of transfer not taking given to Kate and Mandy. Super giant bummer!!


April 4th 2016 Transfer #1 in Chicago! Magical wonderful bonding trip!!


December 2015 Kate and Brett travel to Madison Wisconsin to meet their surrogate Mandy and her husband Nick! IT’S A MATCH!!


November 2015 Kate’s 17yr old kitty Sir Rabbit Mingus McDanger dies the same day they find out The Surrogacy Center has found them a match! Nice of the regal Sir Rabbit to wait.


October 2015 Embryos are moved from Utah to Chicago Illionois for storage and transfer


October 2, 2015 Kate goes to a pet adoption event with a friend, comes home with rescue terrier mutt Watson Rae Rocketfire!


September 11, 2015 Birdie Mae tragically dies of congenital kidney failure. Then Kate’s Grandpa dies September 21


August 2015 after research into many surrogacy agencies an application to The Surrogacy Center in Madison Wisconsin is submitted.


July 2015 Kate and Brett decide to pursue surrogacy after seeing how much a little fluffy puppy enriches their lives.


May 2015 Kate and Brett, believing they will be childless, fall in love with a Shi-Tzu puppy they name Birdie Mae Meadowfrost.


April 2015 Brett and Kate go to Kate’s 5 year post cancer appointment and learn she cannot safely carry a child. Kate falls into a horrible depression. Surrogacy seems to expensive. Brett and Kate consider a life without children.


June 2012 Brett and Kate are married!


By the end of 2010 Kate has gone through chemo, 3 surgeries and radiation.


March 2010 Kate begins chemotherapy


February 2010 Harvested 20+ eggs from Kate, 15 were viable, 11 took Brett’s sperm, 8 divided into embryos which were frozen at day 5.


February 2010 IVF cycle begins to harvest eggs for fertilization


January 2010 Kate is diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma and told she’ll be on a medication for 5 years that causes birth defects and since the cancer is so aggressive the variety of chemo may make her infertile after treatment.